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how analyse parabolic(Dish) antenna in cst?

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Jan 2, 2009
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parabolic dish antenna cst

i want to analysis parabolic antenna (dish) in cst ,
is there any body to help me?

i want to ask a really important question: how can i draw a parabolic shape in cst???

56 parabolic dish

Hai it is possible..........

U choose 'cone' option and give bottom radius and top radius u can get the parabolic structure........
thank you dear,but cone option is not ever similar to parabolic

my teacher said me :
"use MAtLB software to draw a parabolic shap and then import it to CST!"
i want to find a routine way to analyse parabolic dish antenna .
i don't think all engineers use this way ,
so if any people in this website has any idea about this problem,i will be thankful to heard that

i thought parabolic antenna is very famouse and used also 1 time by each engineers!
plz help me dears

Then draw a cylinder with small height and use twist and tapper option u can draw a parabola or u draw sphere and cut it in the bottom u can get parabola try this....

I think u can use autocad. draw a parabola(if u can use an equation based curve use x=t y=t^2 z=0) t=0 to 4(just an example) and den sweep it. and import d file. or u can use hfss also fr d same thing and import in ur software.

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