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truncated parabolic reflector antenna


Mar 9, 2024
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I want to make truncated parabolic reflector antenna but I dont find any good document or formula to create that .
could you please help me?
Seems easier to obtain a commercial satellite dish antenna, then cut or saw off the part you don't want. (Or are you talking about a parabolic microphone dish?) I've never worked with those devices, nor seen used ones in thrift shops, but I imagine lots of people cancel their satellite subscription and look for a place to dispose the antenna.

Other ideas:

* Birdbath made of hollow molded plastic. Lightweight. Possible to cut with tin snips.

* Colander made of plastic or metal. If it's shape is too deep (if it's focal length is short), then lay tinfoil across the top, fill the space underneath with expanding foam, and weigh down the foil in the center with something round like a basketball. Expanding foam readily assumes the shape of the cavity and becomes a support structure.

* Start with a beach ball or exercise ball. Lay aluminum foil (or sheet metal) on its surface, and cut the foil to the shape you desire. It automatically forms itself to the curvature of a sphere (similar to a parabola). Fabricate a framework which lends strength to the curved foil (papier-mâché could be a solution).
thanks for your risponse.
actually I want to make fan beam of LPDA antenna as a feed with help of truncated parabolic reflector but I dont know how should I design that reflector and then simulate with cst and hfss . For first step I design PRINTED LPDA but I stuck in designing desired truncated parabolic reflector??

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