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HFSS simulation data results lost

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Oct 31, 2005
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HFSS data results lost

It has happened to me twice, once with version 10 and now with 11.
I have a bunch of designs (in the same file) and each one of them has some simulation results. Suddenly, when I open the file, I notice that all the results are gone. Plots are blank. However, the designs are there, in tact.
As I mentioned, this has happened twice without having HFSS crashed before or having a locked file present.

Did anyone face anything similar before?
Can anyone suggest something?

Did you have multiple designs within a project open, you were looking at one, then single-clicked another, and changed something? Has happened to me before. You have to double click on a design to change over to that. Single clicking will erase the results when you make a change. This most commonly happened with me when I copy/pasted a design to do another one with some change and then didn't double click to the pasted design.

I don't know if this is your case:

Version 11.2.1 Bug Fixes
ANSft00090427 - In rare cases, aborting a simulation could cause files to be deleted unexpectedly from a hard drive. This problem has been corrected in the
patch release.

It's nothing that has to do with the above guys.
What I have found out is that most probably this problem occurs when I work on a network hard disc.
A hard drive that is mapped to my computer.
Although there is still no reasonable explanation for that, the problem stops occurring when I work on the local disc (C/:).

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