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Guidance on PCB Layer stackup required

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Jul 31, 2012
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Hi ,

I am bit confused with the PCB layer stack up.

The setup I have got now is

1. Top
2. Power
3. Ground
4. Bottom.

I wish the setup can be (referred several stack up guide )

1. Top
2. Ground
3. Power
4. Bottom.

The reason is I have components only in the top and power tracks running on the top except few long power tracks on the power layer 2. So if the ground layer is very next to the top i feel there will be a good flow of current path.

So which setup do I need to go for.


So what's the problem? I'm also using the second setup.
I would be surprised that you have no other choice than running tracks in power layer.
What software are you using?
I'm using Eagle, and it's very much up to you to choose what you draw in which level.
Or do you mean that your circuit is already routed and you would like to switch layers 2 and 3?

According to some communication standards, the most recommended stackup arrangement in matter of signal integrity is the following :

1. Signal
2. Ground
3. Signal
4. Power

Intuitively, it seems a good idea to shield the signals of a layer from another, therefore the interleaving mentioned above achieve this task.
stack up can be changes ad per your PCB planning . TOP /GND/ PWR/ BOTTOM sounds good for your case
It all depends on the type of signals you're attempting to route and where. Running high speed signals on the outer layers might result in excessive EMC which might prevent your design from passing EMC checks.

Thus, it might be a good idea to run high speed signals on the inner layers and shield them between power planes.
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