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Graphical programming for Microcontrollers

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Feb 6, 2003
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Surfing over the internet I have found (sure I am not the only one) some interesting programs which are capable to generate code for microcontrollers, from PIC to Amtel....we can take for example a company called Actum has Realizer, and Conrad electronics from Germany has C-Control Plus...I wonder if anyone knows more of this kind of software....

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The Arschleben

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as all wonderful programs you must to buy also the program, a license and after the microcontroller.
i think that is better to fix the micro to use and after try to find th wonderful program.

Two years ago I tried Realizer on 8 bit ST micros.
Having some knowledge in C and assembler programming
this tool didn't speed up design process.
Debugging was not so easy.

I think this kind of tools permit to sell micros to small
compagnies without (good) programmers !

Some graphical tools are really usefull : graphical
editors for state machines like VisualState from IAR.


I think visual programming is good when you have an object language, and for modern user interfaces for exemple. So I used a visual language named "prograph" which is really nice, and you gain time with such programs. but you need powerfull micros (pc..)
it's not suitable for microcontrolers
may be in 5 years or more, when microcontrolers will be as powerfull as our actual computers.

Hello, arschleben

I also agree to aboves.
Currentely, microcontroller & its compiler aren't great, so it surely need
your skill and ideas.
Instead of graphical programming, I'd like to recommend to you use
the wizard tools contained in compilers.
In the beggining time of microcontroller programming, it may very useful.
It can generate more than 50% of program automatically with your
assignment. And then most important thing is your main logic should
added to these code.
Please don't forget check the code after you generate automatically,
because wizard isn't perfect. It just one of convenience helping tools.

Goold luck.

where is Actum

where is Actum

Greetings arschleben,

You were inquiring about the Realizer software from Actum Solutions in the Netherlands for programming ST and PIC micro's.

I started using ver 1.0 in 1998 (ST-Realizer from STM). I then upgraded to ver 2.2, now I am using Silver ver 4.1.

I honestly believe it is the best programming software since sliced bread was invented. It is very quick and intuitive. I complete new design projects in say one or two days that my piers take two weeks to do using assembly code. I also use a Basic Compiler for AVR parts, however Realizer is the fastest and easiest. The full version is not cheap, however most good things in life are not.

One thing to remember though. I can read and design electronic schematic diagrams ie how electronic circuits work. These same concepts are used when designing with Realizer.

Another point: I rarely use "State Machines" in the design. By connecting the entire design together with "glue logic" you save lots of memory and it runs quickly. I believe Realizer adds no more than 5% of overhead to that of Assembly Code if no "State Machine" is used.

Hope this helps,


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