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Looking for electronics Brokers to find microcontrollers... any trusted source ??


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Jul 29, 2022
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Hi all,
i hope i've used the right forum section,
anyway, i'm looking for old microcontrollers, Ti's and STM, and other IC's,
i'm using some european brokers, often with poor results, so i'm here to ask if you can suggest some valid and trusted broker,
i know there are a lot of scammers around, some of them are listed in the ERAI website, ( ) but every day there are tons of new brokers and eventually fake brokers ..
So i wanna know if there are some brokers you tested directly..
Thank you,
Sorry. Can't recommend anyone. You can look for brokers on linked in or ask your acquaintances who purchase microcontrollers from brokers.
Outfits like Rochester buy up OEM material and parcel
it out at high markup. If you want legit parts that have never
left the factory tape / tube / tray, those are your best bet.
You won't like the "vintage collectible" pricing model.

I have seen others popping up post-COVID-supply-chain-
f*ckery, especially in the higher-value product segments
but these may be more opportunistic, possibly not exactly
in cooperation with the OEM. You'd have to peel back a
couple of layers to suss that out.
every day I receive messages from Asian suppliers on linkedin, but it is difficult to verify if they are reliable or not.. there is no feedback... often they don't have the name of the company, just a generic email and they ask to be paid with wire transfers. Some friends of mine tried and received the components, everything went well.. but I would need to buy thousands of dollars worth of components and I can't just "try"... I also found an escrow service, ( and I'd like to try it but they require a subscription, did anyone know this yet?

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