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gprs modem interface proceduer

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Jul 2, 2001
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simcom server software

I am starting to design a telemetry system using SMS. Any sugestions about GSM modules? Thanks in advance.

benq gsm module

you want to design it?
I sugest you buy an industrial product.

gsm module india

hi .. i used wavecom ... working quite good ... depends on your apps ...
these can handle gsm data, voice, gprs, hscsd .. depends what you want ... also price differs by the model



wavecom gsm module

I have used a GSM module for Our Tracking system. It's from connexant .It works good.

molex 91128

I'm using the Sony-Ericson GM29 GSM module

it's cost around 170$ in single quantity.

You will get a C source code when you buy a development kit
(but it sucs :wink: ) )

Anyhow PM me if you need any help whit this module


simcom gsm modem makes such modules.**broken link removed**. Probably they are cheaper.

gsm module datasheet

Thanks for your help.
I've found on the internet the GM862-GSM module form round solutions ( I think these are the cheaper I've found (€80.00 a piece). I'll get the whole GSM system working (module+antenna+antenna cable) for less than €100. Has anybody had any experience with this module?


simcom modem

Do any body have Wavecom GSM/GPRS Quick 2403 module interface schematic with microcontroller and with PSTN line. Please share it with us. I am urgent in need of it.

gsm module schematic

anydate 's product is very good too,we use it as the telcontrol

cheapest gsm module

I try modul SMS/GPRS G18 from motorola. It's good modul

simcom 300 datasheet

I suggest to you a gsm modul with gprs,because gprs is cheaper than sms.You must design a system supported gprs.

simcom server

Please give the name of a company that sells GSM modules at low cost ,My use is only for sending and receiving SMS ,I do not need any other feature.

sim300 gsm

have you ever heard "BENQ","SIMCOM",i think these module are cheap enough for you,only $USD 40,less or more,and i have used them to develop some sms applications!!!
if you need any datasheet,i will upload them for u!

by the way:the module type is BENQ M22/M32,SIMCOM SIM110E

gsm module


Please upload documents ,and send a link of the manufacture.

Please give a link for online buy if exist.

sim300 gsm modem

the following inculdes benq M22 DATASHEET,DESIGN GUIDE AND AT COMMAND

benq m22 datasheet

**broken link removed**
you can try it ,it's a Chinese Company,BENQ AGENT!

gsm module + india

For low cost SONY-ERICCSON modules follow this link:

simcom300 gsm modules india

For Bulk quantity cellon is best as it cost less then 43$

sim300 xon xoff

For Bulk quantity cellon is best as it cost less then 43$

Where can I find information regarding this module? Where can I buy it?
I am looking for a cheap GPRS module with TCP/IP stack. Any help?

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