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Female SMA connector contacts

Jun 22, 2023
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I am trying to fabricate a microstrip circuit and I need to connect it to an antenna using female SMA connector. But I am confused about the pins in female SMA connector. This is the connector that I wish to use. However, there are 5 pins and I am not sure which one of these I am supposed to use.
Since in microstrip, I have a copper ground plane on one side of the PCB, I am inclined to believe that two pins on one side of the connector are grounds (pairs 1 and 4 or pairs 2 and 3 in attached pic) and center pin (pin 5) is signal. Am I right ? So, what are the other two pins ? Which one of the pins should necessarily be connected for my circuit to work ?
Can someone help me with identifying all the 5 pins ?

Your link points to a commercial site.
--> For technical information just use the datasheet informations and additional informations provided by the manufacturer. Don´t rely on second source informations.

But regarding your question... one even does not need a datasheet.

It´s rather clear that pins 1, 2, 3, 4 all are the solid brass GND.
Pin 5 is the signal

For best HF performance solder all pins to GND.

Thanks for the reply. Please correct me if I am wrong. From what I understand, I should connect pin 5 to my copper trace and pins 1 and 4 through via to the bottom ground and pins 2 and 3 directly to the bottom ground. Am I right ?
This is an edge-launch connector. Tabs 1-2 and tabs 3-4
fit around the edge of a standard thickness PCB, and pin
5 then sits on top of the input trace to solder.

You might find, for hand cobbling, that standard 0.100"
PTH perfboard or a 0.100 / 0.156" edge connector rank
works out well for soldering.

Step Load Jig.png

as @KlausST pointed out, all four pins (1, 2,3 & 4) are electrically connected togther. And the connector itself is an edge mount type one (edge of the PCB).


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