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Favorite PIC compiler?

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May 20, 2005
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mikroc vs ccs

Hi all,
I'm AVR and 68H12 programmer; haven't try PIC yet.
Anyone have a good suggestion on C compiler for PIC?
It would be nice if there is something similar to Avrcodevision in AVR.
By the way, i haven't seen any good C compiler for 68H family either?


ccs is the good compiler, i think ia perfect for a PIC mcu. HiTech have a C compiler, IAR too. Mcrochip have a C, and some other picC and ......i forgot another, but i thing ccs is very good.


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mikroc vs ccs c

mikroBASIC is my favourite.

I am not good at C and so when I found a compiler in BASIC, that to a quality product made me very happy. Good support through forums, good documentations, good reading material and good development boards.

They have compilers for dsPIC which should seal the issue in their favour.

b.t.w. the also have compilers for C and PASCAL too!

For more info:

I hope that this helps.


hitech c compiler dspic/pic24

I can say Hi-Tech C. Compared to ccsc its having less over head and Hi tech is completely ANSI.


gcc or mikroc

Hi all,

For PIC, I personally still prefer assembly language for PIC.
Using assembly language, you can take full control to the controller.
For those who are familiar with C code, you can use assembler macro to make your code looks similar to C.

Besides, I found that assembly language sound promise for the latest model.

Assembler macro is written by Karl Lunt and available at:

pic compilator

Assembler is good for the low and mid range pics, but some of the newer types like the dsPics and the Pic24's are true 16 bit devices with quite large resources, IE: 128K of rom and 16K of ram.
So quite sophisticated software is possible which would be hard to maintain in assembler. The Pic30 tools are very good, being a port of the gcc compiler. This is the best toolset ive used with pics.

68h12 free compiler

I personally like mikroC.But it is a bit costly(250$). Free version is available (2k memory limited) .

**broken link removed**

But you would find many people to suggest other compilers as well. The following link may help you.

Best regards.

top pic compilers


only use PICBASIC PRO!

it is the best.

mikroc vs mikrobasic

i think mikroC is very good and easy also u can download the needed help and manuals from this site


mikroc ou ccs?

what about h12 mcu compiler? anyone suggestion?

I use embeddedngu which is a very poor. There is not even printf command.
I am try to find a difference compiler.

mikroc vs ccs

I use for 8051 Keil compiler
For Pic CCS or Pic Basic
For AVR Bascom

hi-tech vs mikroc code size

I guess every compiler is OK, until its limits limit your programming code/wishes/expectations. I've been using Hi-tech Picc and fortunatelly found some workarounds to got what I wanted.

mikroc contra ccs

I have personally used CC5X and mikroC. Both work ok but mikroC has very ineffecient code generation vs CC5X. I compiled the same application in both compilers. In CC5X it was about .8K of code. The same application in mikroC was 1.6K of code - basically twice the size. Also, CC5X integrates with MPLAB and mikroC doesn't. MikroC has a nice library but I much prefer efficient code.

macros cc5x how

I'm use keil for 8051 and CCS for PIC but now i think CCS it good for PIC

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