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Equalizer dc gain and boosting

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Mar 3, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I've some simple questions on equalizer design.
Why do we need high DC gain for a equalizer design?
If there's a tradeoff between the DC gain and boosting? Which of this is more important?

The equalizer that I'm looking right now is the rc source degeneration.

Nobody knows what you are talking about.

Is it an audio equalizer? Or a video equalizer?
Then it needs no DC gain.
What is "rc source degeneration"?????

transceiver receive equalizer

You need to be more specific. Are these transmitters and recievers microwave links? Are they wired logic links over a long cable? Are they optical links over free space or fiber optic cables?

first, boost enough what you need
then you colud do the dc gain as much as you want

Equalizer means the high frequency gain boost, more than the DC gain.
when the signal transmitts the long cable, the signal is attenuated. in that case, it is very difficult to get good eye-diagram because of ISI, so we need the 'equalizer' at the receiver.
I think the boost gain is more important than DC gain.

Both DC and frequency gain are important to a successful EQ design as there are both DC and high freq gain loss across the channel, so ppl in the research world or even commercially will have two paths for DC and high freq compensation.
However, it's subtle to implement both in a single loop and need many iterations in design process

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