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Jan 1, 2005
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rigol hameg

Hello guys, have anyone bought digital oscilloscopes online? not only from Companies, but from private persons? for example...on eBay?

Oscilloscopes are very expencive... and i think the minimum which one would need is 100Mhz with 1Ghz sampling rate... the best manufacturers are Agilent and Tektronix.... but such an Oscilloscope from them would cost more than 1500$ (digital one,100mhz, 1Ghz).

where is it possible to find such for less money, but in good working condition? and is it ok to trust to such ppl from eBay?

i think that those 20-10..etc Mhz USB oscilloscopes are lame... if one decided to buy, he must buy at least good one if not best... the above oscilloscope would be nice....but 1500$... :|

One thing your forgetting is memory.The TEK TDS's have only 4k making them pretty well useless in my opinion.There are other scopes that have more features for less ,check out Rigol,Hameg,or Instek.

I was doing the same as you four months ago checking EBAY.Considering the risk that you might get a useless paperweight.None of them really offer any guarantees that I would trust. EBAYS okay if your just looking to spend a couple hundred but more then that and I want a warranty and a guarantee from a company,not some scammer operating out of his basement.

I settled on the Instek 2102 1Gs/s 25k memory depth lots of math and trigger functions including delayed trigger,usb interface and free software with a good warranty. I've read good things from other people who have RIGOL'S and Hamegs as well.

good luck

thanks max0412 for ur reply!
and this one costs $1,159.00

but i heard that one must buy Agilent or Tektronix, cuz they are best brands... i never heard of Instek... what can you say about it?

how long do u use it? is it ok?
and how much did u pay for shipping? (in which country u live?)
my explorer doesnt work now, cannot do shipping calculation there

thanks..if anyone else can write something about this, do it please

I'm from Canada I paid about $1400 $ 200 for customs brokerage fees! The scope price was $1060 US. At the time are dollar was worth about 0.9 US cents. Now are dollar is worth more then the US Dollar. The UPS guy who delivered told me I could have gotten around the $200 brokerage fee by selecting express delivery.

I'm not saying you can't get a good deal off EBAY some people have and some people haven't it's a crap shoot. Neither am I saying the scope I selected is the best one for you. At the time it offered the most features for the money that I want in a scope. What I am saying is that you will definitely want more memory then the pathetic 4k that TDS offers. I'm not familiar with agilent scopes just used there spectrum analyzers in school.

I did check up on the company they've been in business for over 30 yrs they have a branch in my country 2hr drive from my home, and I registered my scope there (Canadian branch) and talked to representatives. After 4 months using the scope almost daily I have no complaints with the scope or with any discussions with Instek reps here.

Company website **broken link removed**

It would be nice to have a 500MHz DSO/Analog scope but you're looking at 5 figure prices. In the 1 to 2k price range you will have to accept compromises. It depends on what's important to you. Ideally I'd like the memory of the Hameg and the sampling of the Instek. I don't know why they skimp on memory it's cheap?

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I found a used 500MS/s Digitial Storage scope for $200 US at electronic swapmeet.
Maybe you can find good deals at your local swapmeet.

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