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[SOLVED] difference between decision circuit and comparator

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Oct 13, 2012
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Husn, Jordan
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Hi all ,

Please I need to know if any different between decision circuit and comparator circuit ??? please I need any explain about this,,,,

Thanks in advance all,
Rawan Ayyoub

Dear Chucky ,
Please I need more information a bout this , and I read "An electronic circuit that produces an output voltage or current whenever two input levels simultaneously satisfy predetermined amplitude requirements; may be linear (continuous) or digital (discrete). " in

I don't Know if that correct or no ???? Please help me

With My deepest thanks,
Rawan Ayyoub

Although the question can be for analog or digital circuits, I think this is a digital one.

1. A comparator has two binary inputs consisting of two or more bits, most use 4 or 8 bits. It gives an output which indicates whether the numbers are equal or if one is greater than the other. In math terms, if the inputs were value A and value B, the outputs would indicate if A=B, A>B or A<B.

2. A decision circuit has several inputs and an output that simply indicates whether the majority are 1 or 0, regardless of which actual bits are at each state.


A decision circuit, of which there are many kinds, is one which produces its outout dependent upon input citeria.

A comparator is simply one type of decision circuit.

Thanks all for replay , but I need which one of them is circuit have threshold and compare analog signal with this threshold value then its output digital data 1 or 0.

Thanks in advance,
Rawan ayyoub

As Syncopator stated a comparator is just one kind of decision circuit.

For you needs, you need an analog comparator, one input is your analog signal, the other is your threshold. When one exceeds the other the output will change logic state.

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