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Dell laptop no power on no display

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Oct 11, 2007
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dell laptop no power

I had been using Dell laptop (Inspiron 600 Seris) for the past 1 1/2 year. For the last couple of months there has been problem with laptop.

When I try to switch on power, power indicator will be on for seconds and off and there is no display.

I faced the same problem twice or thrice and laptop was not in use for couple of weeks. But on one day, when I try to do power on then it stared working and no problem since then for two months and again problem started one day. I thought of static charge problem and while trying to remove memory card/battery and placing again the small screw went inside of laptop. But laptop was working fine for few months and again the same problem started. As laptop warranty period is expired I approached to local Laptop service center. But when they tried the laptop start working and after couple of mintues it shutdown automatically. They diagnosed the problem with display chip on mother board and ordered for new display chip. But after replacing new one also the problem seems to be the same and it starts and shutdown after some time. As per service personal, it is again causing the same problem on display chip and root cause might be with circuit at some where.

I imagine that it might be because of short circuit. Do we need to replace mother board?. Please let me know possible reasons. My laptop is still is the service center which I handed over two days back for observation.

Thanks for your help

dell 600m power switch root cause


From what my experience tells me - Replacing the Motherboard will fix this issue. I have heard that this is a common problems on the Latitude D600s and the Inspiron 600m

dell inspiron laptop no power

Do you have this problem when powering from the battery charger module?

laptop no power days

sounds like you need a new motherboard. it also could be faulty memory. try running the laptop with just one memory stick at a time.

laptop no power problem

You have an open ccts somewhere in your primary power supply maybe your voltage regulator is open. it is hard to diagnos if you are not familiar with the component so the best is just buy new motherboard and replace it.

good luck.

no power after replacing power supply

probably just a contact issue, can u send it back to dell?

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