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Corrugated Horn design using the HFSS

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Asim Ali Khan

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Dec 12, 2005
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corrugated horn

Salam All
I have to desing a corrugated horn antenna using the HFSS.I do not understand how can I make the corrugations.
Help me in this regard
corrugated horn+link

Salam All
Pls. help me in designing the corrugated horn.Any website link any thing !!!!!!!
Problrm is to design corrugations.PLs do something
in this regard
Thx in addvance
Corrugated Horn Desing

you could use slant meanderline and sweep around z axis.

I found the easiest way was to start with a piece of waveguide, and then stack a series of flat disc-like cylinders on top. Each alternate cylinder was either the inside shape of a recess, or of a ring ridge sticking into the vacuum. Then use the "Unite" tool to join them all together as a single shape. Them put an "air box" around the whole lot. Also, add excitation wave port at the input, and make the surfaces boundaries conductive. That's as far as I got. I messed up on trying to get the simulation to work - so far. You can also use a polyline - a series of lines joined to be the shape of the corrugation profile, and sweep it 360 degrees around an axis.

hi modeling in hfss is difficult but you can design with feko
if you want i can send you corrugated horn designed in feko
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