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control the speed of 3-phase motor

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Aug 1, 2009
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3 phase motors

how to control the speed of 3-phase motor by using PIC?

30f6010 motor

Read Microchip application notes for motor control!

3 phase motor control pic micro's not my problem. The problem is how do using the PIC16f877 to generate the PWM and control the 3-phase motor and how to configure it in such a way.
Cause this is my part of the final year project, my teammate construct the afpm motor, and i design to control the motor.
Actually i know some method to generate the PWM, but i dunno how to built the circuit and how is the controller look like. For example Using NI ELVIS prototype board(LabVIEW), PIC16F877/873, and DSP kit F2812.
can anyone teach me or give suggestion to me? plz...

ir2131 and a igbt pack

Microchip application notes have also complete example circuits.

control motor 3 phases con pic

u can design ur own circuit ... u use zero crossing circuit to get the pulse on zero crossing

then give these pulses into PIC controller then u can generate PWM out ... in this way u can control the speed

if u want to design feedback control tthen u can connect techco generator with ur 3phase motor and then give this analog out to ADC built in PIC controller


microchip 3-phase pic

this still new for me...
what we need to prepare, wat is the component we need in order to generate the PWM...
can teach me step by step? plz..

three phase motor design

If you have to use that PIC you can try a AD7226 to generate a 3 phase signal, but it'll need to be amplified(good luck with that). In reality you are asking too much out of that little PIC. If you want a step by step. Go to purchase the ACIM demo board and the motor and HV module that goes with it... it'll have a PIC 30F6010 hook it up to a motor and download the code into it... then you're done. I wouldn't try 3 phase control on anything less than a 18F452 and even then you're doing software PWM on one of the legs... I highly recommend the 30F6010. You'll need a driver like a IR2131 and a IGBT pack..

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