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Circuit diagram for 12 bit ADC with Microcontroller

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Mar 4, 2007
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adc circuit diagram

hi to all

my requirement is of Circuit diagram for 12 bit ADC with Microcontroller...if anybody has plz send it to me....

basically PIC type controller circuit diagram is required...


analog to digital converter circuit diagram

i m going to build Successive approxiation type...

or if any other which is regularly use by Market


adc converter circuit diagram

i tried a similar circuit.... what PIC are you using.... the circuit just needs a comparator and a DAC kit that is all... all other things are done using coding....
circuit diagram of a microcontroller

i m using 18f series PIC...

can u send me a circuit which one u had made?...


microcontroller schematic diagram

it is hard to draw the circuit and post(i'm lazzzzzy :D).... i give the general idea first set MSB to 1 and send it to DAC and compare it with the analog signal using the comparator and if analog signal is high then set the MSB else reset it now let the MSB untouched and set the next MSB and repeat the process.....

as you can see the circuit outside the microC involves just a DAC and a comparator and some wires....
adc diagram circuit


plz try to send me...because i can not get ur point...

its look like we are talking in air...

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it for me....


microcontroller with 12 bit ad converter

Use your favourite search engine: **broken link removed**

circuit diagram adc

how can we set the sampling rate?...

is there any equation or theory based on?..

Plz send me if any body has..............


circuit of microcontroller adc

the sampling rate is determined by the speed of your microcontroller.... your sampling rate should be such that the next sample is taken after the first sample is fully converted to its digital value.....

the circuit i'm suggesting is

adc circuit

so how that value can be counted?...

is there any kind of eqution that will be used for?..


circuit diagram for 12 bit adc

the counting algorithm you are supposed to write in the microcontroller....

circuit diagram of 12 bit adc

can u explain it to me with one short and sweet example?...

i have never made any kind of counting algorithm?..


12- bit adc circuit

first set the MSB bit to 1 and all other bits to 0 and convert it to analog and compare it with the input
if input is larger then retain that one else rotate and reset the MSB.... now set the next MSB and check and if greater leave it else reset that bit... continue this way till the LSB... the rotation part is critical....

circuit diagram for 12- bit adc

also... don`t mind, but...

how can you implement a sample&hold??? its very important so you can measure higher frecuencies...

(if you change the analog signal while its measuring by successive aprox. the result wouldn't be accurated...)
(the sampling rate, will be the 12 times the bit shifting plus init, plus the sample&hold...)
(your DAC should be of 12bits or more.... a high precisition comparator [also fast] so much work... maybe it`s easier to go and find a ADC of 12 bits...)

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