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Car CD-player contolled by RC5 remote

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Project: "Samochodowy"CD player na pilot RC5.
Project by mdm150

It is CD player connected to the line input (aux) of the car radio. This player may be connected to home hi-fi equipment. In this case not stabilized power supply 12V 2A is needed.
Player is independent of the car radio, fully functional device with own CD drive control.
Player is based on the AVT 2660 kit (controller without power supply) and PC computer CD recorder. Power supply and its control circuits are my own design.
Switching the player power on is done by two ways:

1.Control via car radio REMOTE output.
2.Manual control by switch on the front panel (in the case when radio has no REMOTE output or if player will be used at home).

On the panel there are two LEDs: blue LED is for POWER and blinking red LED is simulator of car alarm. It blinks when player is off.
Player described Has typical function for a standard CD. It allows playing, changing the tune back and forth, fas forward (step every 3 seconds), pause and random play.
Random play is also present. Play time display mode can be also changed.
Player can handle multisession CDs, function not prezent In classical CD players. Player can be controlled by any tv remote pilots with RC5 transmission.


Not open for further replies.
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