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can't run mplab version 6.40 - help needed

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Noman Yousaf

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Nov 19, 2003
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Lahore Pakistan
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help me about mplab

hi all
i m new in PICbut very old in at8951 family
i want to use mplab i have ver 6.40. but i cant run that.
please help me to use that.
i have already study its help but nothing was understood.
thanks in advance


Re: help me about mplab

Start by removing version 6.4 and installing version 8.36 instead. It is free from Later version are far better than the old ones.

If you have used assemblers in the past, it is very similar. Start by using the "project wizard" which will guide you through setting up the project for the PIC you choose. Then open a new file, type something and save it as a ".asm" file. That will start MPLAB running, you can now edit the file or copy examples into the edit window and select 'build' to produce code.

MPLAB is *THE BEST* assembler for PIC devices and it has built in debugging and simulation tools to help you.


Re: help me about mplab

That's a very old verions of MPLAB - download the latest version (it's Free) from the Mcirochip web site: **broken link removed**

Re: help me about mplab


First you need to download the latest MPLAB IDE from MIcrochip and install it.**broken link removed** It is FREE.
Then you will need HI-TECH C compiler. It is also FREE.

For more info, youtube videos, and tutorials visit Microcontroller BoardDevelopment Tools for the Microcontroller Systems: MPLAB IDE, HI-TECH C compiler, PIC programer, and debugger

Then programming MICROCHIP PIC® microcontrollers is an easy 3 steps process:

A) writing the code
B) compiling/debugging the code
C) uploading the code to the microcontroller

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