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Camera interfacing to the FPGA..

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Sep 3, 2009
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camera interfacing

Hi i m BE ELCT. student..

i m planning to do project in VLSI

theme is " interfacing VGA camera to FPGA"

so i m collecting information regarding how to connect camera to FPGA n algorithm for same.. and how to wite code for same. which FPGA Board i should preferd.. so plz help me..............

vga interfacing to vlsi

please have a look at my post posted sometime last month titled "Implementation of Video Transmission Module on FPGA"

will you tell me about interfacing VGA camera to FPGA .. which camera i should prefered? and how that will be interfaced with FPGA?

It depends on how complex you want to go with..

You can have a VGA camera with GPIO output (Ex. VS6525 there are lot of them you can choose based on your requirement) . Easy to interface to FPGA GPIOs .
You can also have USB , Ethernet cameras interfaced but your design will be bit complex.

By the way whats your final goal? After reading the image data what you want to do with it??

hi santosh,

my goal is interfacing VGA camera to FPGA.. and display the o/p images on monitor..

i m plnning to use VGA camera which will give digital 8 bit output.. then wat should i do??

connect those gpios to the fpga GPIOs and don't forget to theck the voltage of the signals for compatibility.
usualy the data from the sensor sampled by the given user clock.
then you have to have the logic to dot he processing then send it to a VGA/DVi port of the FPGA board.

Xilinx has few kits . may be you can use them to start your project.

**broken link removed**

If you have already a FPGA board then you have to go according to the FPGA board and buy rest of the things.

hi santosh
thnx for replying me..

i am planning to use OV7640 Color CMOS VGA (640 x 480) CAMERACHIP...

so wat should i do for interfacing?? this camera to FPGA

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