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Cadstar select symbols in Library Editor keep crashing

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Jul 10, 2020
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My cadstar keep on crashing every time I want to select a symbol to add it to a new part, into the Library Editor.

The message displayed is : "Library Editor has stopped working, A problem caused the programm to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".

Could you please help me with that issue ?

Thank you,

Anyone has any idea ?
The select symbol function seems to make crash the Library editor.

So, I am really stuck ..
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OK I'm going off memory here, its been a few years.

What version of CADSTAR is this?

First thing I would do is stop doing exactly what your doing.!

There is an error where an assignment has lost it's name (its blank) and the editor was not programmed for this instance.

Open the symbol only and check it, check all the assignments and make sure that none have an unnamed assignment.
Open the component only and check it does not have an unnamed assignment.
You may have to do this in the design editor not the library editor.

This is most likely the reason for the crash, CADSTAR is trying to use an assignment but it has no name.
Zuken could never figure out why it happened but STR that it did.

To fix it, open the symbol or component library, select ALL symbols/components and archive them to an archive file.
(this will be a text file).
Create a new symbol/component library and then import the files, taking note of ALL the errors.
It may not import them.
Open the archive file in notepad++ and find the assignments without a name and give them a name.
Or it may have been find the component/symbol mentioned and change the assignment that does not work to one that does (any that match the type).
Save and reimport into new libraries.
Open and edit the faulty symbol/component and change the assignments on the items that were faulty to known/new good ones.

I think... cant remember.

BTW - is this in the design editor left side pop out library preview window? or the library editor itself?
You may find that its one or the other but not both.
A patch/upgrade fixed it ISTR.

IF the above fixes it you can rename the libraries to the original names (backing up the old ones) and all should be good.

Archiving fixes lots of things, sometimes we had to edit the archives.

Hello Mattylad,

Once again, thank you for your great answer.
Indeed, I had a part in my part library which hadn't a name.
The problem is now solved.
(I have cadstar 16.0)

I have another issue: i have made update on my schematic but when I want to import the updates into PCB editor, clicking onto the "ECO update", for the first time it says: "1 Errors [...] No PCB design generated"
Error: Net 'DNGD_guard' has only a single node (R6.2)".

I think it doesn't want to generate it because I have a node with only one think connected to it, but this is exactly what I want: I want a ground ring called "DGND_guard" connected to my GND through a 0 ohm resistor to make the connection between them. I want don't want the connection, I will remove the 0 Ohm resistor to break the link, but yes, it will leave the DGND_guard potential in high impedance.
Do you know a way to make this without generating error ?

add another node onto that net or remove it for now.

is the guard ring going to be connected to mounting holes?
If so make a part that has a symbol and component for the mounting holes and connect them to the net.
Make alternative components for different sized mounting holes, some with plating on, some without, large pad for earthing etc.

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