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building inverting logic gate using transistors

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Nov 13, 2005
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logic gates using transistors

How can I implement a simple NAND or NOR or NOT gate using commercial 3-pin transistors? e.g. how many would I need (2 I assume?), where would each pin go to, etc... I know I can use IC's but I want to build one using transistors.


and gate using transistor

I know how to do that using circuit symbols but can't figure it out using the actual physical transistor. like for a NOT gate i need a pMOS and an nMOS but how do I implement those using a 3-pin transistor?

not gate using transistor

source of pmos to Vcc, source of NMOS to GND. Gates tied together as the input, drains tied together as the output.

Ken Martin's digital book will give you some good ideas, or just search google. A suitable page (the first google hit on "CMOS inverter") is **broken link removed**

PS - your question is digital... wrong forum!

building logic gates

Sorry, but i don't fully understand what do you wanna know,
I thought you mean what are numbers of practical NMOS and PMOSFETs,
If so, you can use: 2SJ471 as a Silicon P Channel DV-L MOS FET High Speed Power Switching, and 2SK30 as Silicon N Channel junction Type Field Effect Transistor, you can also download thier datasheets from: **broken link removed**

I hope that helped..

logic gates using transistor

thanks everybody for replying. as I said eariler I know how to implement all these on paper using cct symbols and such. what I didn't know was how to actually implement an nMOS and a pMOS using real physical commerical transistors. The post by ahmad_abdulghany was the closest answer to my question.

I am using STP12PF06 transistors, but how can I implement nMOS and pMOS out of it? Even a simpler question, how do I tell if this is an nMOS or pMOS? here's the datasheet for your convenience:

P.S> sorry for posting in the wrong forum...

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