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Boost Converter Design Schematic Circuit

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Jun 30, 2011
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Hello everybody,

I am new here. I have some problem regarding the design of boost converter for my power design. I need to design the PV solar system, MPPT converter that act as boost converter to charge the battery from 50V system to 100V system. Anybody can help me in the design such as provide me the useful link, circuit etc that I can refer. I really hope the expertise here can help me. I stuck at this point. Thanks.

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Note: especially on how to choose the component for the boost converter, i know in order to design the converter, i need to know the basic of the boost converter which is i understood.

thanks ea.arun, the application is for Mars aerobot. the battery voltage is manufactured for 3.7V each. In general, they should not be charged to greater than 4.2 V per cell, or allowed to discharge to less than 3.0 V. Therefore, the configuration for Martian aerobot, 125.8 V Li-Po battery is made from 34 cells of 3.7 V wired in series. This Li-Po pack should be charged to no greater than 142.8 V and discharged to no less than 102 V. The current requirement is 10A which i think quite high for this case.

as i guess if 10A is your battery charge current its really quite huge.......
but li-po charging will be done in lesser current....say if your sigle cell is 3.7/10AH.....charge current will be 3.3A(1/3*C) for a longer cell life period......
i have designed/worked on many different li-ion charging battery products and also MPPT with a lead acid battery(12V)...but all were at much lower voltage level.....
li-po/li-ion batteries employs a strict battery charging procedure(CC-CV based).....some masters here should be able to guide you on this high voltage application....

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