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Bluetooth RF Transceiver and baseband controler borad design

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Aug 23, 2001
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csr bluetooth datasheet free download

Who know which chip should be used to complete a module with above functions ?

commands csr bluelab

you could use various chipsets, but I would prefer to use a ready built and certified module.
have a look at w*

bluetest cannot find bc01

drdevcon ,

Thank U for Ur response.

I do not want to use the module, for they R more expensive, and I can not change frequency as I want. For every thing is done by it internally, not permitting to change.

I have searched some chips from internet, but have not their application note in detail.

you said "various chipsets", would U PLZ suggest some ?

thx again.

build own rf transceiver

maybe you should first explain what you want to do. Why do you want to change the frequency manually? Bluetooth is based on frequency-hopping with 1600 hops per second on 80 different frequencys and the hopping-sequence will be calculated in the lower layers of the bluetooth-stack based on the BT-Address of the Piconet-Master, so it makes no sense in my eyes.
But it is possible to send and receive on single frequencys (implemented for RF-Test and certification) with special HCI-commands.

Chipsets: I would suggest CSR Bluecore.

csr casira development kit examples

My aim is to test the spectrum and the power of it, but my one (Ericsson ROK007) do not have that test mode like U said with special HCI-commands. (Maybe I donot see how to use it)

And I wnat to study the manner of its hop, I want to change it ,i.e. not just base on BT-address, but also check if the frequency is occupied.

The third, I will replace it with separate components, which would be less expensive.

What do U mean that "makes no sense in my eyes", (my English is not good)

How much is the CSR BT-module ? and I cannot find where to download the detailed datasheet.

Thank U verymuch, and best regards to U.

how rf and baseband used in bluetoth

I have inquireed the price of the module and the chip, for $40 and $10 respectively.
But I have to buy its kit and soft which are more esspensive, $3000.
So, if I only buy the chip, can I use it without many problem of how to control it ?
Or in another word, can I just contol it with a 89C51 ?

Thank U

alps ugxz2

CSR chipset!!!!!!
BlueCore01 is Prototype your Bluetooth equipped product.
BlueCore01M is Optimise your Bluetooth equipped Product.
BlueCore02 is 1chip solution for mass market Bluetooth product.
BlueCore03 & BlueCore04 is Ture stand alone solution.

Itegrated Bluetooth protocol fast route to market.

csr bluetooth gerber files

Do U have reference design schematics of CSR ??
If so , upload it , PLZ.
And I will follow it to finish my design.
Thank U.

how to connect rf transceiver to 89c51

Yes, I have the reference designs, maybe i will DL it next week. Don't think about to build the module by yourself, because:
1. CSR-Bluecore is an BGA
2. you have to add at least a 4M-Flash (also BGA)
3. the PCB is a 6-Layer-Design
But if you really want to do it, i can send you the whole stuff( Schematics, gerber...)

send message bluetooth csr bluelab

Hi drdevcon ,
I will realy appreciate it if U UL (not DL) it.

12The CSR is BGA, why the flash is BGA too, can I change it with lead package ?
3I would rather make a double side PCB board than 6-layer, even it will be larger than before.
And I will be helped by my teachers and my classmates.
So,I have decided to do it, PLZ send it to my E-mail: (25M) and (5M) .
Thank U very much.


I UL some data about CSR based Modules to FM1/drdevcon/bc01modules.
Also included are schematics and Gerber-data for different modules and some datasheets
Bluel@b2.0 is alredy in FM1/drdevcon/blab
next i will UL Bluesuite to FM1/drdevcon/bsuite

casira development kit access link manager layer

Sorry for not response .
I cannot link internet on sat and sunday.
Thank U for Ur help.
I am dowloading....

bluez csr bc4

I would suggest you to buy a CSR module that is compatible with OpenBT, and forget about the expensive development kits such as Casira, it is a dumb version of the module bundled with some bulky but not so useful accessories. In case you can get the firmware upgrade from elektroda, the Casira is really meaningless.

Either BlueZ and OpenBT are running on Linux with full source code available, so you may start with tweaking them.

bluetest csr

Thank U for Ur message.
I am not very familar with the Bluetooth.
So I donot know what the Casira is.
I only want to design a module by myself to replace the CSR one , which is much more expensive than the chip BC01b-USB.
Can U suggest more ?

I have DL all the files,
but I donot know how to use them actly.
Would U plz tell me the usage of them in detail ?

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csr bt module

at first: U can only use the soft if you own a CSR-Base BT-Module.
But the U can:
With Pstools (Bluesuite): read and write internal settings of the module
With Blueflash (Bluesuite): change firmware of the module
With Bluetest (Bluesuite): make some measurements and tests of BT-Connections (like BER, Fieldstrength and so on)

With Bluelab U can develop small Applications ( like Headset-Profile) running onchip in the CSR-Module.

And maybe you should also read this:
Ebook: *B*l*u*e*t*o*o*t*h* Application Developer’s Guide
**broken link removed**
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free download software bluetooth rf

Casira is just the development kit provided by CSR, with drdevcon's upload, I think you can development the application by buying a CSR module instead of the expensive kit.

However, I think you are not targeting to design an application using bluetooth module, but the module or the chip itself, right?

You may find this project interesting if so.

Thanks drdevcon's upload, it is really nice.

csr bluesuite download

thank U 2 very much.

antipattern ,
I am in a student group working for Bluetooth. All of them R working for protocol, and I must prepare the hardware of it. So I have to design the RF module but not the chip , for the chip's cost will much more expensive than module.
Can U give me some suggestions ?
my E-mail:
thank U again.

how do i change my baseband to h instead of u

Thanks to everybody, CSR must be a good choice. i found a good c*dec for it as uploaded.
Would anyone please give a suggestion about 3V power man*gement IC for CSR module, Thanks!

Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
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transceiver build french

R U sure that there is a IC to control the CSR module ?
I think the CSR module is just can be interfaced to PC or othe kind CPU.
Am I right ?

rf and baseband of bluetooth

R U sure there is a chip to be used 4 the CSR module management ?

I think that it must be a CPU or PC that control the CSR module.

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