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Best Signal Integrity Simulator

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Nov 27, 2001
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hyperlynx tutorial

Hi, all

do you think is the best Signal Integrity simulator for pcb's ?

Please post reply with a Technical Data and personal experience if you have !

For example wich the SI program have a Pre-layout placement and Post-layout routing simulation ?

Discussion is open, but seriously hope ! :)


signal integrity simulator

I have design experience with both Hyper/Lynx and Specctra/Quest. Here is my summary on them:

Hyper/Lynx : easy-to-use, pre&post layout simulation, EMC simulation, not very very realistic results, economical price

Specctra/Quest : not easy-to-use, pre&post layout simulation, very very realistic results, expensive

I hope that helps you. If you need more detailed info just let me know.


Hi Laplace,

You do mind telling me which one gave you better result in practice.


pcb post-layout si simulation

I definetely prefer Specctra/Quest. It also uses same database with C@dence's PCB tool suite (Allegro, Specctra...etc). You can easily go back and forth in your layout according to your SI simulation results .

Do you need more info just let me know.

pcb signal integrity test centres in chennai

Hi Laplace, thank you.

Hyperlinx don't have a realistic results ? Please let me know other details.

Specctra Quest work on only signal or on all signals on pcb board ? Is linked to other PCB layout systems, PowerPCB, PCAD, Cadstar ... ?

Thank you, for answer.

Best, Skywalker

hyperlynx vs allegro si

Hyper/Lynx is still fine. It is easy to use and very straigh forward. It has lots of interface (converter) that make you eligible to use almost every layout tool's output. It is very cheap too.

If this will be your first SI design, Hyper/Lynx suite is the best for you.

C@de/nce's Specc/traQuest is more detailed but hard to use.

What is envision on possible clk frequency on your board? What bus architecture will be employed?

allegro pcb si price


Is a first time experience using SI Simulator, for me.

Hyperlynx are easy and cheap. But i don't understand, the results with Hyperlynx are realistics, like Specctra or not ?

For pre-routing layout components placement, Hyperlinx work well ?

Please Laplace let me know, Thanks in advance, Skywalker.

best signal integrity tools

The best one is XTK from viewlogic (now with mentor) is the
best tool for SI Analysis. As accurate simulation model
libraries and the software is time-tested and know to produce
accurate and reproducable results.

hyperlinx from allegro

Can anyone give a concrete example for which one product is better than the other?

signal integrity simulator cheap

Specctra/Quest is better~~~

best signal integrity simulator

Depends on your budget and what exactly you need to do. Spectraquest is more powerful than Hyperlynx and XTK is probably the best. But bear in mind that XTK is not for the casual user, learning curve is quite steep and it will take you some time to become proficient. It is maintly intended for SI specialists, people who spend all the time doing SI.

For many tasks, I would say majority of them, Hyperlnynx is good enough. The problem is many people do not pay attention to the realistic models and then they wonder why results do not match. I have excellent results between simulation and actuall measurements.

pre layout signal integrity simulation

Under 1Ghz:SpecctraQuest,Hyperlynx
Up 1Ghz:Ansoft SpiceLink,HFSS

mentor spectraquest

Hi All
What about CADSTAR Si ?
Is it gives good results?
What about Sigrity tools like Speed2000 ?

specctra quest

i like Hyper/Lynx,but must need practice test.

emc hyper lynx

I agree with winworm.At different frequency range, we use optimal tool to get realistic simulation results.

emc hyper lynx board

I have only used Specctra/Quest, it is ok!

hyperlynx vs allegro pcb si

i've also tried Specctra/Quest and it is good but hard to use.

allegro translator speed2000

I know some PCB Simulation softwares such as: Cadence Spectraquest, Mentor HyperLynx, Mentor ICX, SpeedXP, but verything is depend on your design requirement. Almost them rather dificult for learn, so you have to try your best.


lynx spice tutorial;

Ansoft Maxwell/HFSS works for me although its a bit pricey. You have to get used to the interface though.

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