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Axial stator design

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Jul 16, 2014
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Hi guys!

I am in a need to design/build an axial stator, would anyone here be willing to help me to guide to some of the formulas that can be used to calculate how many turns and what cross section do I need for a given size stator to achieve a certain strength field in the airgap?

I have a paper with formulas for inductors and basic solenoids and such but if memory serves me correctly axial stator has somewhat different formulas due to it's toroidal shape of the core and the weird shape of the coils etc?

Maybe someone can guide me to a tutorial or maybe a page where somebody has done that already?

Basically I'm looking at a stator with a inner diameter of 45mm and outer of 135mm , the thickness in the axial direction should be enough to allow enough flux through to achieve an airgap field of roughly 1Tesla or higher is possible, although I assume 1T will also be good for starters.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

You can get clues by examining store-bought motors. This seems in the realm of interest of radio-controlled aircraft. Enthusiasts are concerned with parameters such as current draw, power, heat generation.
Construction details such as number of coils (3, 5, 7), windings per coil, wire size, etc.
Magnet quantity, size, strength, locations, etc.

Aren't there any software that would be easy to use where i could design this and test it out?
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Maybe there are some software with existing templates for various stator and rotor geometries where I can simple adjust parameters like size, field strength etc , because I basically hate comsol and solidworks and all these because i've tried them and their so time consuming and complicated when all I need is basic information and not design some sort of a 5th dimensional cube or whatever
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