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asking about C ???????

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amr hamed

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Mar 20, 2011
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hey edaboard i need to know if there is a difference between c++ & visual C++

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visual C++ is manged environment, but C++ is not , what i mean by managed and unmanaged,
managed means you don't need to worry about memory management, "like cleaning up memory because there is a garbage collector does this duty for us.
unmanaged means you must worry about memory management "like when you create object on the heap you have to clean it up manually"
visual studio is great fantastic ID and ofcourse no doubd it is beyoned Java ID
i strongly recomend you who are new about programmin...
you can compaile C, C++, visual C++, C#,, Fortran codes and more like Perl , and so on...
it has great:
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
App Wizard
Class Wizard
App Studio

you can create perfect GUI in shorth time. Form library gives you that power.

thanks 4 ur effort

this is the last warning to you on using sms short forms while typing in the forum... you will be infracted and all your posts will be deleted if you continue to repeat the same
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a standard is specified for the C++ language

data types, basic operations, control structures, etc are specified and so long as a program is implemented to the standard, keeping in mind implementation dependencies, it should port between different C++ compilers, operating systems, etc.
Only simple character and binary input/output operations are specified by the standard. More sophisticated IO such a graphics and GUIs are implemented by additional APIs such as those available in Visual C++. The problem is that there is no standard, so code written in VC++ using such APIs is none portable not only between compilers on different operating systems but between compilers available on Windows.
There are APIs (such as wxWidgets) that can be used to write portable GUI code across operating systems. However, usually if writing portable code I would use Java.

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