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ANT-MMCX and Microstripe line and UHF RFID module circuit designing

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Jul 2, 2014
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Below, you see the only schematic of a 6 pages-datasheet of an UHF RFID module (working frequency = 840...930 Mhz):


There are three questions:

  1. What is that ANT-MMCX? I search it in Google and I found two components named ANT-GPS-MMCX and ANT-GSMQB-MMCX-ND. Which one is appropriate for this module?
  2. The antenna is connected to the module with a 50 ohm microstripe line. The question is "What is this microstripe line?". I must design and build it myself or there are created ones in the stores? What happens if I connect the antenna to the module with a simple wire?
  3. Will the above circuit works properly if I use a 5v mobile phone charger as the power supply (let assume it can provide the require current) and connect RXD and TXD to my computer's serial port and also put all the circuit on a simple bread board? or there are a lot of points in high frequency communication circuits that I must consider and apply to the board design that are not shown in the image? (If so, please let me know the most important ones)
Note that I asked this question in Electronics.stackexchange.com aleready. But the answer didn't satisfied me. So I asked it again here. Please help me as simple as your time let you :)
Thanks in advance.

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