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Analog Multiplexerdesign - request for resources

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Jan 31, 2002
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Analog Multiplexer

Hi all

Does anyone have good materials ( papers, books , sites ...etc) or can suggest good reference ( not necessary be electronic , but prefer to ) about analog multiplexer design ?

Thanks in advance

Do you mean design WITH or OF analog multiplexers?
For the first case i would recommend the analog devices homepage and following papers/articles

Winning the Battle Against Latchup in CMOS Analog Switches
by Catherine Redmond (

AN-35: Understanding Crosstalk in Analog Multiplexers (pdf, 503,802 bytes)

but i think this is also usefull for the design of switches

edit: ah im sorry u posted this in the asics forum so this should be clear ;)
wheres my brain


If what you mean is design OF an analog multiplexer, you can implement it by means of a series of unitary gain analog buffers, which you turn on and off using an ENABLE pin.

If I wasn't clear enough, please make me know;-)


Thanks for all

but I actually need more deep information about the design OF analog multiplixer . This analog mux will be responsiple for taking multiple signals from skin PH MEMS sensor & then deliver it for A/D for farther processing.

Well, naturally there are many things to take in account. The DAQ sampling freqency vs the MUX aperture time and the MUX charge injection. The on/off isolation ratio important for the x-talk between the DAQ channels, the ON impedance value and it's thermal dependence, the injected noise. In general it is dificult to interface a MUX directly to a sensor, because the charge injection and the load modulation due to the MUX switching may and will cause uncertainties in the sensor biasing hence the sensor dynamic range and presision will suffer. As a rule of tumb, the electronic swith component should be placed as further along the amplification chain as possible.

Analog Multiplexer

we need a circuit for 8 to 1 multiplexer using 3 to 8 decoder

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