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Altium Designer library strategies

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Nov 22, 2009
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After years using P-CAD, I'm making the switch to AD (S09). After a couple of weeks of struggling (due to all of P-CAD techniques, terminology, etc. that are ingrained in my brain now), I'm starting to get the hang of things with AD.

I would like to start my own integrated libraries for passives like Rs, Ls and Cs. I would like to do it based on manufacturer series (one library for each manufacturer's series) and have one component per mfg. part number. This way, if I need a 1.00K, 1%, 0603, 1/16th W 0402, I just choose it from the library and all of that parametric data (and the manufacturer's part number) are already there without me needing to enter them as component parameters at placement time (or later).

I know that I can do the above by having an individual component in the library for each part number, referencing the footprint model each time. But it seems that I will have to copy and paste the schematic symbol each time there is a new component in the schematic library. That means storing that symbol n times for my n components.

I was wondering if there was a more streamlined way of doing this? I initially thought that the "Alias" option might be the way to go, but after exploring them, I can't see much utility in that feature; maybe I'm misunderstanding something.

The Panasonic Resistor library included with AD S09 has a component per family (e.g., ERJ12N), but there does not seem to be a predefined parameter in the component for specific resistance value. I was just wondering how others find this library to be useful? Do people add their own "Value" parameter and "Part Number" parameter at placement time, and then copy and paste (modifying the part number and value if there is a change)?

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