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Active*Microstrip*Antenna*with @DS

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Dec 13, 2001
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Dear Friends,

Anyone has experienced in active microstrip antenna....with @DS Momentum simulation....e.g amplifier with microstrip antenna ; any active device with planar antenna

Appreciate for sharing idea, suggestion and project example.....

I have a lot of papers for this I do not need papers anymore...

and you can aslo DL very good ebook in this forum...Microstrip*Antenna*design*handbook....

I need the successful project example with @DS Momentum....

Thanks in advance...

best regards,EDIN

I had the experience of designing planar bandpass filter in ADS momentum. So far it's ok. But have no experience in microstrip antenna in ADS. Designing in MWO the microstrip worked before.

active antenna

What type of active antenna are you referring to???

Here is specific..

Dear Friends,

thanks for your interesting in my topic..

Actually, I am interesting in circular sector microstrip antenna with class*f power* can find this paper in IEEE initiateinvented) by UCLA team....

As you know, it is very difficult to find out valuable info especially for circular sector.....when it want to be active....(here active device is class*f power*amplifier

I have one doc for circular sector microstrip antenna...

Although I have a lot of books and papers for this is really difficult to do simulation and practical in real life...because it mya be my little experienced....hopefully!

If you need more info, I can upload relevant paper and my simulation...

I have a problem with antenna impedance which is the most importnat part of this type of antenna...impedance is depedent on position of feed line...

thanks for your kindly interesting...
best regards, EDIN

What is the meaning of a "sector" antenna?

I think he's talking about a coaxial feeded patch antena shaped as a circular sector (something like a radial stub)

120-degree cut off circular sector

Dear Friends,

thanks a lot for your kindly interesting..

Actually, the antenna is 120-degree cut off circular sector microstrip antenna with microstip feed line at the curve rim of the antenaa...

best regards,EDIN

yes, i have the same problem. we can put the 2.5D result to ADS, but can not put the ads result to 2.5D MOM.

antenna element or array

may i ask which type antenna you are designing, an element or array?

16 elememts plane array antenna at 7.5GHz


In your case, the simulation is not too difficult,you can simulate antenna firstly, then bulid a model for antenna, at last design the feed network as a circiut. in my mind, the most difficult thing is to control the phase shifter


I thought "Active" was his question here, not the simulation of some patch. Am I missing the point?

here the property of active antenna

Dear Friends,

As loucy said, the simulation is not only for the circular sector patch but also for the power amplifier..

As you know, all the antennas are passive if they stand alone...

but they are in active if it is connected to active device such as amplifier..

In this purpose, the property of circular sector antenna can terninate 2nd and 3rd of harmonic of class f amplifier...

So the antenna can server as harmonic tuner as well....


Best regards EDIN

Re: here the property of active antenna

yes, how we can simulate the antenna with the active part?

just 20 cent

Dear Friends,

You can design circular/sector/ microstrip+antenna in Momentum with @DS....then you've got one port S-parameter value for your antenna...

And you can design the power amplifier in @DS schematics....

Ans then you can apply the value of antenna as a load tuner at the o/p stage of amp....

that is...

But I have a lot of problem in matching....hte input impedance of antenna is strongly effected not only on the geometry of the patch but aslo on the geometry and position of the microstrip feed line.....

best regards,EDIN

Active Patch Array

I have experience of designing an active patch array using Momentum. Every branch of the patch array is with PA/LNA amplifier.

you mean u have problem to match the required amplifier fundamental and harmonic load using your antenna?
probably you have to vary the position your input port everywhere in the antenna to find the sweet spot.
if you know how the sector angle affects the harmonic load (assuming it has little affect on the fundamental load), you can simplify your problem into finding the optimum fundamental load, then alter the antenna shape to match the harmonic load.

help for designing..

sir i m a final year student,want ur help how can i design a microstrip antenna of square shape, as i m anovice so please provide me details in full aspects..

Hi everyone,
There are some ways to generate a 2-port model for your antenna. After that you can treat the one port antenna as a two port one, and design the matching networks.

hi all,

i'm looking for a simulation of an active antenna (with LNA) for receiving GPS/Galileo signals using ADS or CST or HFSS
if anyone had this simulation, please share with me.

or if you had experience or documentations in this field, could you please share with me

thank you!

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