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Acrobat Reader Problem

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Apr 12, 2005
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San Jose, California, USA
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I have a scanned book in pdf format, but the problem is that book is scanned in a bad way such that each two pages in front to each other are scanned together in the same page, and this is bery annoying while reading from computer,
Can I split these pages such that i obtain each page of the book alone in one page of the e-book?
Please give any suggestions,

AA Ahmad

How are you

i can suggest you some thing
convert this pdf to word and choose the option that you can convert the page as it is
the edit the word page as you want
the reconvert the word page into PDF

i wish this help you

AA Ahmad
Alhamdulillah I could do it in better way! How?

1. I had copied the pdf book in the same place.

2. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader itself, I could "crop" all pages of the first copy of the pdf from the left, and "crop" the second copy from the right

3. By now, I have two new versions of the book; the first contains all odd pages, and the second contains all even pages, and i have to re-collect them again in one pdf file "ARRANGED", how did I do that?

4. I renamed the odd version into: "O.pdf" and even one into: "E.pdf"

5. Using Acrobat Reader again, I had splitted the two files into separate pages (namely: "O 1.pdf" through "O 144.pdf" and "E 1.pdf" through "E 144.pdf")

6. Using Matlab, I wrote a very small program that renamed them ascending from 001.pdf to 288.pdf (and arranging them "odd" then "even" and so on)
Here's the code if anyone was interested:

for i=1:144
      movefile(['O ' sprintf('%d',i) '.pdf'],[sprintf('%03d',(2*i-1)) '.pdf'])
      movefile(['E ' sprintf('%d',i) '.pdf'],[sprintf('%03d',(2*i)) '.pdf'])

7. Finally, using Acrobat reader, I made a new pdf from multiple files (now arranged from 001.pdf to 288.pdf) and I got the book in the form i want, and unfortunaly, it's less 10MB in size :)

amazing Ahmad

but i wonder. can matlab do any thing in any file

and sent us how acrobat reader and matlab can do this because i want to know how.

ceaser said:
1. can matlab do any thing in any file?
2. Send to us how Acrobat Reader and Matlab can do this because?

1. I don't understand what do you mean by this part. but if you mean that it can move, copy, delete anyfile (as well as renaming it or edit contents,...etc.) Yes, I think it can do easily. To get more inofrmation about it, type the following in Matlab command prompt:

 >> lookfor file

2. I think I already told how did I do it in Matlab, for Acrobat Reader, If you mean how did I split it and collect files again, it's easy.

to crop page(s) : Document > Crop > "Select range -> All" > Move slider to fulfill your crop area requirements.

to split pdf file into multiple pdf files each page in a file: Document > Extract Pages > "Select range -> All" > "Check: extract each page in separate file"

That's all,

It is too difficult to achieve your goal, because the contens in your pdf file are some image-like formats.

swgchlry said:
It is too difficult to achieve your goal, because the contens in your pdf file are some image-like formats.

But I did it alhamdulillah in less than five minitues, and it wasn't difficult at all though it's all images as you said

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