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About USB 3.0 or wireless USB

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Oct 28, 2009
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Hi all,

Who are working in USB3.0 or wireless USB? Could you provide some material about it?


I am working for USB 2.0 but, I have Spec of USB 3.0 attached here with.

For further question, please ping me.

Nirav Bhatt

Hi niravbhatt,

Do you focus on digital part or analog part for USB 2.0? what is the different between USB2.0 and USB3.0?

USB3.0 - with Lack of support for it from Intel, It may be a while before
we see this 4.8Gbps.
**broken link removed**

Wireless USB - With UltraWideBand (UWB) technology almost dead,
it will interesting to see this 480Mbps wireless speed.
(Wireless USB is the only spec that is using UWB , while
all others have shifted to 60GHz camp).

In the meantime, Intel is pushing its own Proprietary Technology
called Light Peak (Optical fiber based)
**broken link removed**

That's Intel! That says something , but does something else!.


I am working on digital part i.e designing and verifying USB2.0 IP.

What Conggeston has said is also right. You can refer it and also and lots of other links which best describes the basic difference between USB2.0 & USB3.0

Nirav Bhatt

I would like to ask if the USB 3.0 Phy can work as stand alone device without to connect the PCI-e interface i.e repeater

Like: PC usb port--> 6m cable--> [port one of USB repeater device] - [port two of USB repeater device] --> 6m cable-->usb3.0 port External storage Drive.

USB3.0 include Super Speed and usb2.0(HS/FS/LS). For physical layer of SS, it is PIPE interface compliant and it uses differential signal (TX+/TX-, RX+/RX-) to transfer signal.
For link layer of SS, it uses link command to do link flow control and power saving.
For protocol layer, it is similar with usb2.0.

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