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6v Dynamo Voltage Regulator

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Oct 13, 2001
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6v dynamo

Can anybody help with this obscure request :

I'm looking for a circuit that I can use to build a dynamo voltage regulator that must be capable of regulating a 6v system, with a rating of at least 60w, preferably 100w, and if possible be able to give an output voltage of 12v regulated, so I can convert the electrics to 12v, but still run it from the 6v dynamo output

I know its possible, as I can buy at least one regulator that can do all this, but I want to see if I can do this myself before paying out, and to save myself some money in the process, so I can spend it on my bike

Thanks for any help

motorbike dynamo

First try out a simple switcher step-up converter from Nat.Semic. e.g LM2577.The normal bike-dinamo 8-10W, when You need 60W, i think
the driving is very slow and hard...

voltage regolator dynamo

I'll have a look, I think you might be confused with a bicycle dynamo, I'm interested in building a 6v regulator for a motorbike dynamo !

dynamo voltage regulator

What it is the nominal output voltage of your motorbyke dynamo?

regulátor 6v dynamo

Is this a motor bike or a push bike?. If it the latter, you are going to have to do a great deal of hard pedalling to produce that amount of power.

dynamo voltage regulator circuit

to generate a 12v 100w power from 6v is not a easy need about 17 A.the efficiency will be poor,so many thermal must be sent this case,forget LM2577 ect.looking for **broken link removed** maybe this level ciruit,you must use a multi phase can do the job with LTC1871,2 phase boost converter,and will get a good efficiency.
good luck!
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regulator dynamo

i am sorry,the right site is:
**broken link removed**
hope can help.
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