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28 AWG Crimp Band Splice

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Jun 23, 2017
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Baltimore, MD, USA
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I received a medium-sized batch of TECs, and wire leads are too short by about 4mm. The TECs were manufactured with 14mm 28 AWG leads and the leads need to at least 18mm. I need to figure out a way to extend the wire leads so that they can be soldered to the rest of the assembly, but wires needs to be able to bend almost the whole length of the wire. Because of that, I can't solder another wire to it, since the solder would wick into too much of the wire, making it rigid and/or brittle.

I was down to two options: 1) use a crimp wire splice band to splice a short length of wire onto the existing leads, and 2) ultrasonic weld a short length of wire onto the existing leads.

I have been having trouble locating a wire splice band that is small enough. Since I don't have much room inside the assembly, the total width of the band (in the direction of the wire) needs to be 2-3mm. I could only find one part that would work, but the crimp tool way too expensive ($13,000 for the crimper and the die). This is the part:

Does anyone have any suggestion for similiar part?
-Parallel splice (as opposed to butt splice)
-"thru-splice" (a wire sticking out each end as opposed to both wires sticking out the same end
-2x 28AWG wires
-2-3mm long in the direction of the wires

Also, I starting looking ultrasonic welding, which seemed like a possible option for splicing two wires together. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of ultrasonic welding machines cannot work with tinned wires (and the wire leads coming from the TECs are tinned). Does anyone have experience with ultrasonic welding for splicing small wires?

Thank you.

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