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USB connection, usb speed and connector bandwith

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Ahmad Edi Saputra

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Apr 2, 2015
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i make custome usb connection using speakon connector and 3meter usb cable for some reason. when i use it in lower speed, like arduino for example, it work fine. but when i tried to connect it to my device(higher speed) it gave me same error status. is this bacause speakon bandwidth? because if it my soldering/wiring it will not work on arduino. and what should i do?

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I presume "lower speed" means FS, 12 Mbps, "higher speed" HS, 480 Mbps. You may want to review the USB spec about electrical requirements. USB uses a 90 ohms differential pair for D+/D- and respective connectors. Speakon is hardly suited for HS USB, it might by chance work for FS, with a suitable cable (shielded twisted pair).

Thanks FvM,

you are right, what i mean with "lower speed" is usb FS. is there any way i modify electrically or programatically (bios may be) the connection so it will be forced to FS USB?
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1. Edit the device descriptor
2. Use an old FS hub between host and device

i tried to use usb hub, but no luck.

where can i edit usb descriptor? because i can change the usb device firmware

I guess your hub is HS capable and doesn't reduce the connection speed.

Yes, descriptors are defined in the device firmware. If you can't edit it, the option is blocked.

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