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24 to 130V DC-DC step-up converter

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Apr 13, 2022
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In the context of my master thesis, i have to provide a step-up converter to bring 24V DC to 130V DC to supply piezoelectric actuators. They draw a total average current of 1.8 A (235 W) and a peak current of 3.6A (465 W) every 2 ms (As they have a commutation speed of 500 HZ). I can't seem to find any converter design that would do the trick as it is, or even that i could tune to reach the necessary values for my application. Does anyone know of such converter ? I saw a design procedure for a LLC converter that might be suitable but designing it from A to Z is a bit beyond the scope of my work as i have other PCBs to design. Thanks in advance.


I guess there are ready to buy modules, maybe with adjustable output voltage.
Just do a search at distributors and manufacturers.

I did an IC search at Analog Devices: (just as an example)

LT3757 seems to be fairly simple regarding hardware effort.


Done it as a cascaded boost converter as in the attached.......also attached the LTspice simulation of it that you can run.....LTspice is free.

If you want really fast transient response i can re-do it as a simple burst mode converter if you want.....i presume youre allowed some toelrance on that 130V?.........A burst mode converter will respond faster to a super fast heavy transient......its an easy modification...give me a shout.....or you might do it before me when you get into the sim?
--- Updated ---

...Actually, ive also done it as a simple single stage boost converter, and attached the LTspice that one would be cheaper and simpler.....remember to use SiC diode in the output.
I assumed you dont need the isolation as youre 24v psu provides that?
--- Updated ---

Also, just for good measure, ive done it again, but as a Burst mode i doubt you need a compensated feedback loop? the attached LTspice simulation...just open it, and hit the running man icon...always delete the .raw file after you finished....because itll fill your hard disk up......also, dont run over a network etc etc


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Thank you for your quick responses. I'll look into that, check the LT3757 and run the spice simulations !

cascaded boost ( 2 x boosters in series ) with the same gate drive to each fet - the intermediate voltage will be 56V. The 1st booster has to handle 20A in ( fet, choke & diode )

while the second stage has to handle 3.6A

...yes indeed...give me a shout if you want some help spec'ing some inductors for it..for the upstream bit of the cascade, i would recomend sendust torroid with enamelled copper wire, as these days, there's very little offtheshelf ferrite available at high currents.......i will show you the way to work out the peak B, the core loss, and what inductance you get at what current etc.

Or i will check if you can do it with offtheshelf gapped ferrite core sets and enamelled wire.

Its in this course here, but i forget what folder...probably "non linear inductors"

SMPS course_Big folders

SMPS course_little folders

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