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2 different questions

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Aug 1, 2007
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htrc110 em4095

Hi there,

I have two different questions to ask. If someone could help...???

1st. I am designing a non rechargable 6V AA battery system using the EM4095 rfid chip a microcontroller and some peripherals used only when a card is valid. I have take some measurements in an other design using I don't know which chip (because of the zelatine on it) but not the EM4095 or the HTRC110 from philips and found that the current consumption is about 20microamps (rms) without a card near the antenna and about 25 mA with a card.
The EM4095 consumpts 1uA in shut down mode and 10mA (chip) + antenna circuit current when active. The antenna circuit PLL takes about 26 to 35 ms to start, so there is no way to read the card before this time passed.
Using the micro I turn on the chip once in 1 second waiting for the start up time and very fast reading the incoming data. If there is no card near the antenna I am going in shut down mode very fast (about 300 - 550microseconds). So the circuit consumpts current only when active and about 6uAmps when in stand by mode. Note that the consumption is only from the micro and the EM4095, because all other electronics are inactive and there is no voltage regulator to consumpt current.
Finally the Irms is near 2mA. Is there anything I can do to reduce this consumption in order to increase the battery life???

2nd. I would like to make a new design based on infrared technology. There will be an infrared receiver (like TSOP1736) receiving commands from the TV control and doing some works. My problem is that I don't know how many are the coding types that used in the market (like RC5 Sony or Philips) and which are the frequencies used (36, 38..KHz)

Thanks for your time.

As you see the basic problem for my first question is the current consumption.
I have checked some other chips in the market doing the same work and found that the start up time is near there (10 - 30 ms).
Is there any way to design my own RFID reader (ok, not writer). I think that I have to make a front end circuit supplying the antenna with 100 - 150KHz and reading the amplytude variations on antenna tap point.
The point is that there must be a very fast start up time in order to have very low Irms consumption.

Does anybody have any experiense???


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