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How to manage/control different calibration values for different truck models at end of line manufacturing?

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Oct 30, 2014
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We have hydraulic steering system with small motor atop it.

This system will be mounted in about Five truck models. All truck models will have same steering software but different values for calibration parameters. Supplier will deliver steering ECUs to OEM manufacturing with steering software and calibration parameters programmed in the ECU.

For any reason, if we need to adjust calibration parameters at End of Line, we need to find a way to manage or control different calibration values for different vehicle models. For example, at end of line, parameters must be re-programmed in the truck they are intended for. what are some options for managing this?

Sub contractor should be able to supply you with a configurable
bootloader environment for programming the FLASH or EEPROM
with values if sensed on boot/powerup.....

This seems like a general programming problem solved decades ago in vehicle industry,
as well as embedded industry.....? I am sure I must be missing something that make your
situation unique ?

Regards, Dana.

This is a process questions. The question is all VINs in each vehicle model will have same calibration parameter values. If there are Five vehicle models, how to ensure End of Line programmer will flash calibration values in corresponding vehicle?

Bootloader is in place to re-flash calibration parameters.

Typically the device flashing the data would also have a bar code scanner or manual entry facility that only programmed the data when it had received some input. In other words some unique or generic ID would have to be read from the truck or it's paperwork before the flashing process started and if required the data would be incorporated into the flashed file.

Exactly how the steering parameters were established would depend upon your actual monitoring and testing equipment of course.


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