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2.6GHz dadio link - any experiences?

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Dec 31, 1999
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Does anyone have any experience
in establishing 2.4GHz radio links?

jgorsk said:
Does anyone have any experience
in establishing 2.4GHz radio links?

What is the radio links you are referred to ...

(I) Simple analog FM;
(2) Direct Sequencing;
(3) Frequency Hopping ..

I am little experience on it, may be I can help a little.

I did many installations of RF links at 2.4GHz.
Please ask whatever you want to know.


any difference with other freq?

Is there any info about Frequency Hopping ?

Reading what you have written above, I just want to ask you some questions about 2.4 GHz antennas.
- 2.4 GHz is a frequency for Wire-less Fidelity apllications isn't it?
Is that frequency available for indoor and outdoor networks? I know that most of european airports have WLAN service. I was thinking of outdoor applications, if they were taking place in Europe and what countries....
- What type of antennas are used for WLAN? Patch antennas? dipoles?
I'ld like to know the requirements. I'm involved in the design of planar radiating structures.
- what kind of effects for yhe human body have Radio-Waves?

Thanks to all of you. it's not my main interest, so I'm just curious...

Main Interests
microstrip (slotted) antennas, microstrip, stripline WG components,phased arrays

Any ideas on how to build 2.4GHz antenna at home.

The simplest way is use dipole antenna. It is small, and easy to get. If you want to use patch antenna, I am not sure whether you will buy or design yourself. If you just want to have your own network at home, you can get the off the shelf devices/components. If you want to design the transciever, then you will have a lot of homework to do.

How much is the attenuation at 2.4 GHz for a distance of 30 meters?
It's not my main interest, I'm just curious.
I know there's a simple formula, at the moment I can't find it.
Can you write it please?

Thanks in advance

Main interests:
microstrip antennas, microstrip and WG components, phased array.

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