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1 PPM (One Plus per Minute) Clock Generator?

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Sheeraz Khan

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Dec 29, 2002
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minute clock

Dear All

Please can anybody provide me code & schematic of 1 PPM (Plus per Minute) Clock Generator?

Sheeraz Khan

1 pulse per minute clock

hi..what mcu r u using? there's a lot of ways to op a pulse at 1 ppm. or are u looking for timers?

ppm pulse per minute

I want to make a Mechanical Wall Clock and I need the second & minute plus from PIC (12F675 or 16F84) Microcontroller so then I can operate the Mechanical Time Clock. Can you write code for me?

clock ppm


There are some GPS receivers who produce higly accurate 1 PPS (1 puls per secound whom you can use as a signnal source )


1ppm clock

There are some RTC (Real Time Clock) that generate 1Hz signal in one pin only with connect them to 3.3V or 5V power suply. For example PCF8583 from philips.


Why do you need the minute pulse?
Normally, you would need just the seconds pulses, the mechanical clock should take care of the rest.
I could write some simple code to generate 1 second pulses.

Actually I drive LED for Seconds Blinks & I use the Minute Plus to drive the Clock Motor

OK, then.
If you tell me the duration of the seconds and minute pulses, I can give you some code. I mean the seconds pulse should probably last about 0.3~05seconds.
What about the minutes pulse? I suppose this will drive a relay or stepper motor.

My Dear

I write the complete detail

Second Plus

High plus 0.3 Second low plus 0.3

_| |_| |_| _| |_| |_| |_| |_

Minute Plus

I drive the relay through minute plus after 59minut (low) its high for 1 second

______________| |______________| |______________| |______________| |

Please write code on RTC base I need accuracy

Thanks &
Best Regards,
Sheeraz Khan

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