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    Simulating UCPBG with HFSS.

    Can you tell the details about the way seeing the phase results in HFSS v11 directly?
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    pbg or ebg design with HFSS

    hfss floquet When I use HFSS v11 to simulate this project, it reports error and can not simulate. But it is ok when use v9.2. Is it the problem of different version? And how can I see the phase results in HFSSv11 directly?
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    HELP: HFSS simulation problem

    :?: Hi, I want to simulate an antenna with the absorbing material in HFSS, but I have no idea of setting absorbing material in HFSS. Can anyone give me some suggestion? Besides, I need the absorbing material to be 15dB attenuation. Please……many thanks. And someone said I could use PML to setup...
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    Triple-Band Antenna help

    I cannot get the results as the paper said either. I found that when I adjusted the position of v1 and v2, I could adjust the frequency of Bluetooth. I use HFSS to simulate the antenna project.
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    HFSS Tutorial for transmission line vias

    circulator-structure (tutorial) How to use Ansoft HFSS to simulate the active antennas? Is there any Tutorial?
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    Simulating UCPBG with HFSS.

    I cannot use HFSS v11, I use v9.2.
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    Problems of Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas

    I simulated the model of the paper too, and I did not get the same rusult. Maybe the BC is not the same, so we cannot get the same one. I do not know what your problems. I think the feedline and the dimension of the Slot are crucial, you can adjust it first. And you can get one resonate frq...
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    pbg or ebg design with HFSS

    ebg with hfss How to get the relf phase results? Can anyone offer more references about the model of UC-PBG? Thank you very much. And I want to know if I want to get the S parameters, must I need to use microstrip port or probe?
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    Simulating UCPBG with HFSS.

    I have the same problems, and I download an HFSS model, but I have no idea of how to get the reflection phase.
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    Looking for basic model of PBG structure in CST MWS or HFSS

    Re: PBG in CST MWS or HFSS Hi, which one is for PBG in HFSS? I want to know how to get the result of my HFSS project. I want to know the S11 and S21 results, but I do not know how to get it. Does it mean I need an antenna with the UC-PBG in my model?
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    Problems of Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas

    I have finished the antenna, and the measured result is 0.5~1.3GHz, VSWR<2.5. Since the BC is not the same, so I think my design is ok. Besides, I have not tried it for 60GHz.
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    Triple-Band Antenna help

    Hi, I am designing a triple-band antenna for both GSM900/1800 and Bluetooth, and I want to know which antenna is suitable for such antenna whose Gain is also required to be 2dBi plus. Now I choose one Folded PIFA, which works for GSM/DCS/Bluetooth Triple-Band Application. The paper is here...
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    need some example of PIFA design in hfss

    pifa designer The example is using HFSSv10, so I cannot open it since I use HFSSv9.2.
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    Problems of Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas

    Hi all, I have achieved 0.6~1.2GHz, VSWR<2.

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