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  1. juggernaut7

    sorry dont like it

    One format is as good as another If you like it better for some reason, that is fine with me. It's your site.
  2. juggernaut7

    Help me with building a water level sensor

    Water Level Sensor Forgive me, but I constantly wonder why everyone wants to use pics and controllers when they are not always necessary. Here is a simple circuit that fits the bill nicely. I would use a plastic bowl and drill two hole horizontally at my upper and lower limit, put in two SS...
  3. juggernaut7

    Where can I get the IPC-2222 ?

    Re: IPC-2222 needed I need IPC-HDBK-840. Anyone can share?
  4. juggernaut7

    Cam project file ending in .CST

    cam project I am trying to find out what program created a bunch of cam project files that end in .cst but am having no success. The file is in ascii and lists the gerber files that are part of the project and an ini type entry pointing to c:\act30 as well as a group of settings indicative of...
  5. juggernaut7

    Any one know eldo simulation(analog) (mentorgraphics)

    mentor graphics eldo analog simulation I don't use eldo, so I can't tell you how to set it up, but if it is like many other simulator programs, you would be better off logging on to the Mentor website and opening a service request. You will be contacted by someone who uses the tool regularly...
  6. juggernaut7

    PADS2007: warning "No Symbol for size: XX"

    drill symbol When you create a drill drawing, you need to specify the symbol that Pads will use for each hole size. When you create or edit the drill drawing document entry in the cam list, select Options, and then Drill Symbols. When you hit Regenerate, Pads will scan the job and list all the...
  7. juggernaut7

    JPCA-DG01-1997 Japanese design spec needed

    The JPCA website has a free copy in Japanese only and a free copy of JPCA-DG02 which is in Japanese and English, so I don't think they are concerned about copyrights. I need the English version of DG01
  8. juggernaut7

    PLZ HELP!!! - dxdesigner snap to grid problem

    Re: PLZ HELP!!! I don't use Eagle, but I can offer some common problems you could look at. When cad software places parts and traces on a schematic, they always snap to your grid point and if a symbol pin is on a different grid point from a trace end, they do not make a connection. I have used...
  9. juggernaut7

    solder mask & assembly layers

    You do not need the silkscreen layer for your assembly drawing, but you will need some layer with component outlines and reference designations. If you make your part with an oversized outline on the silkscreen layer, you may not want it on the assembly drawing. In this case, you would also...
  10. juggernaut7

    Regarding, to calculate the max length of the track.

    It is difficult to be specific since you don't mention the software you use, but in Pads if you select pin pair and query the trace, the properties window will display the routed length. Alternately, if you want a list of all the nets on the board you can load and run a script PinNetLength.bas...
  11. juggernaut7

    fiducial on land patterns

    My fiducials are .040 smt dots inside a .120 dia copper and solder mask free circle. This is so the optic system has a matte background. I put three on the board, near the corners and at least two fiducials for every part whose pin spacing is .025 or less. I believe this is the ipc...
  12. juggernaut7

    How useful are the jedec and ipc standards for pcb design?

    Re: jedec & ipc Not only does the IPC bridge the gap between design and manufacturing by establishing design guidelines, they also nail down the physical packages of parts based on an industry standard name. This means that an 0805 resistor from one manufacturer will fit into a pcb footprint...
  13. juggernaut7

    Thermal Relief For Through Hole Padstack

    I agree with House Cat. You can get a more robust connection to the plane merely by increasing the width of the spokes. I sometimes route a fat trace on the top side and drop it to the plane with two vias that don't have thermal relief. That way I get both thermal relief and a solid plane...
  14. juggernaut7

    [SOLVED] signal integrity basics

    If you get on the Mentor Graphics website, you will find a wide selection of white papers from all the big names in SI that you can download in pdf form. There are papers on design technique (like differential pairs, controlled impedance and autorouting) and hardware like via types, material...
  15. juggernaut7

    Suggest a viewer for Gerber files

    view cam gerber I like Cam350 because of the reverse engineering feature, but Viewmate is good and free as is GCPrevue (which will also import hpgl files.) I don't like Gerbtool, but just like word processors, a person usually likes best what they know how to use best. They all do the same thing.

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