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WLAN 802.11b noise measurements

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May 9, 2001
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I need help for this topic . I want to measure noise with a spectrum analyzer for a 802.11 wlan.
I searched Agilent's site but i 've found very few things.
Any other place to search?

noise figure

What exactly are you planning to measure? Spectrum ananyzers have worse noise figures than LAN equipment by about 10 dB or more. You can pretty much trust the data sheets of ICs used in LANs and calculate the noise figure of a system.

we want to make some measurements to see how noise affects a wlan. By noise i suppose that they want me to see how cellphones or cordless phones or X-10 techology a microwave ovens, or bluetooth affect the perfomance of the wlan.The 2.4GHz isn't reserved for use solely by 802.11 . The spectrum analyzer is not an option. this is what i've got but i wanna know what i 'm expecting to see and what i'm seeing

Do U mean taht U want to change N of the S/N ?

And test the perfomance with the diffrent S/N ?

Usually the WLAN throughput will drop as the interference increases. The signal generated by other ISM devices (from WLAN prospects, it is the interference) is relative high level and can be measured by a spectrum analyzer. Turn off the WLAN equipment and on the ISM devices, then measure the interference. Turn on the WLAN equipment and off the ISM devices, then measure the 11b/g signal. Now you get the S/N. Turn on both ISM and WLAN devices to measure the throughput. Adjust the tx power of the WLAN device with monitoring with a spectrum analyzer, you can get different S/N.

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