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WIZ830 module driver in VHDL

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Jul 8, 2013
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Hi everybody,
Does anybody here know how to write a driver for using wiz830 module? I want to connect this module to a CPLD or FPGA (spartan3 for example) and need to write its driver in VHDL/Verilog. But I couldn't find any useful information on its datasheet and website. Google search didn't help me too. All I found was a code that used atmega to drive wiznet. I really dont have a clue where to start.
I really appreciate your help.

Hello farzaneh_2561,

What do you mean with driver ? What do you want to do with it ? And why do you want to use an FPGA/CLPD for this.

Since the W5300 has hardwired TCP/IP, MAC this chip basically is the driver.

If you repeatedly want to send the same set of data is should be doable to interface with this module. However using a micro controller will be the best choice most of the time.
Most of FPGA designs that i have seen have the MAC layer in logic fabric which is controlled by micro controller / CPU and use a PHY interface chip instead of the W5300.

But for your question:

Basically you need to design an interface block that complies with the bus specifications of the W5300.
Then you need to write a state machine that controls this interface block.
This state machine can grow huge depending on the functionality you want to use.
You can start with the initialization part, and gradually build out your design.
For example start by replying to ping requests etc. etc.

Good Luck !
As JSCV has mentioned already, but I think needs to be repeated...

A driver (a.k.a. software that controls low level hardware) built in hardware (VHDL) has to do the same things a driver in software does. Therefore you must use an FSM to perform those operations and build an interface that conforms to the W5300 programming interface protocol.
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