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Wireless Channel Modelling

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Aug 10, 2009
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wireless channel modelling

Dear all,
I have simulated WiMAX Transmitter and receiver in Matlab. Now I want to introduce channel effect between tx and Rx. Pls guide me to model the channel in MATLAB.
How can I add Fading effect and Delay Spread in Channel using Matlab.
How will I estimate channel at the receiver using pilots. I used pilots in my transmitted signal but at the receiver side simply extracting them. How pilots will be used to estimate channel and apply correction to the signal.

wireless channel

you can simply add flat Gaussian noise: randn command.

For the delay, you need to add different paths for the signal. each path had a certain delay amount (zeros at the beginning of the signal)
You then add all the paths together at the RX side.

Usually pilots are used to track the channel changes.
I believe the first estimation of the channel is to be done using a preamble.

Hope this helps !

Added after 2 minutes:

Sorry I mean Gaussian noise

remove the word "flat" :p

channel modelling

How can I model multipaths and adding delay.

how to remove noise of wireless channel matlab

As I've just said, create many copies of the signal, each path is delayed by a certain delay amount modeled in ur code by adding zeros at the beginning of the signal.

---s i g n a l---
0 0 0 0 ---s i g n a l---
0 0 ---s i g n a l---
0 0 0 0 0 0 ---s i g n a l---

Then add all the paths at the RX side

Added after 4 minutes:

Don't forget to add the Amplitude level of each path too :)

I used rayligh fading to generate channel. Now I have faded subcarriers on the receiver side.How can I use extracted pilot carriers for channel estimation and then how to interpolate then.

I need all the code. Could u please the give me the codes.:cry:

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