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Windows 7 or Windows 8

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Jan 24, 2013
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What version of OS will you like to use Win7 or Win8 or any other version like WinXP please specify and why
I like to use Win7 because I am working with it daily and find it very good I prefer to use Win7:?:

windows 7 is the best microsoft operating system. win 8 is hard to learn.maybe a few years later, win 8 will be better.

I prefer windows 7 mainly because its more well rounded then xp and has a pleasant UI. My initial impressions of win8, I find the ui kinda dull and boring and the start menu just screams, "Hey, Look at me!" and its not very obvious that an app has closed fully so over time, one might find their machine slowing down from too many apps running. If win9 turns out better, I'm gonna just skip win8 if I can. I have a tendency to skip versions or at least wait till the bugs are worked out. Nothing bugs me more than a crash happy os.

Windows 8 is OK for a touch tablet, but for a desktop computer with a mouse it sucks.

I've found windows 7 much more user friendly than windows 8. However Win8 is superior in many ways...viz, fast booting, easier tasking, metroUI, plus it may take up ur computer without drivers. U get the compatible drivers in-built and of suitable performance. It also much quickly installs device drivers when u plug them in for first time. But it takes some time to work fluently with win8...

What version of OS will you like to use Win7 or Win8 or any other version like WinXP please specify and why
I like to use Win7 because I am working with it daily and find it very good I prefer to use Win7:?:

For Home

Use OS what you want, and OS which make you happy. Check compatibility with games and other softwares which you plan to use. Also check hardware and OS capabilities in CPU number support RAM memory size support, HD space needs,...

For Work
OS should be licenced, check price. Price on large number for each workstation. Company software needs and compatibility with particular OS. Future usage software and hardware planning and compatibility with particulat OS. Security strength, WAN capabilities, LAN capabilities,..... OS need some time on market and in usage, to showup security holes, and other disadvantages and programmers mistakes, bugs, and fixes for that.

For me Win7 and WinXP.

Most important thing is to make decision and difference between usage of PC for games, work, or learning. Give accent on what you want to do on PC and what you can do, and choise of OS will be just order of the circumstances and needs.

Windows 8 is a totally new version of Windows that, in addition to the traditional desktop, also includes a new-style interface for use with touchscreens - whether that's on a touchscreen laptop, all-in-one PC or tablet.

And, while not all PCs will be touchscreen when Windows 8 launches, expect more and more devices to have touchscreens towards the new year - even if it's a traditional laptop.

Windows 7 was a big hit for Microsoft, turning things around from the troublesome Windows Vista and reminding people that the Redmond giant was not quite ready to hang up its hat just yet.

The Windows 8 release date is here and the challenge for Microsoft is how it builds on the success of Windows 7 and show that Windows can work on iPad-like tablets. But it still needs to dominate on laptops and desktops.

Windows 8 isn't a phone OS - but does share a great deal of design language and code with its sibling, the new
For phones Windows is called "Windows Phone 8", previous version was "Windows Phone 7" and this OS replaces old Windows CE architecture based on Windows NT kernel.
Hi teptar.

Windows Phone 8 minimum device requirements

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor

Minimum 512MB RAM for WVGA phones; minimum 1GB RAM for 720p / WXGA

Minimum 4GB flash memory

GPS and A-GNSS; GLONASS is supported if OEMs decide to include it

Support for micro-USB 2.0

3.5mm stereo headphone jack with three-button detection support

Rear-facing AF camera with LED or Xenon flash, optional front-facing camera (both need to be VGA or better) and dedicated camera button

Accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors, as well as vibration motor (magnetometer and gyroscope are optional)

802.11b/g and Bluetooth (802.11n is optional)

DirectX graphics hardware support with hardware acceleration for Direct3D using programmable GPU

Multi-touch capacitive touch screen with minimum of four simultaneous points
Hi Sandipm14,

Yes they rolling wheel with newer products. Customers of newer devices dont have options to go back to earlier versions of OS and they must go forward.


Hi Amtec,

Yes, Win 8 is good, but MS is company which have products with lots of bugs, someone need to be first in any new product, we follow you, immediately after SP1 is released. :lol:

Some company cannot be sirious if they use unchecked and products full of bugs. MS is company with traditional bugs in coding, but they have great various softwares.

Windows 7! Windows 8 was clearly designed for tablets, not desktop PCs. I understand that Microsoft wants to make it easy for users to switch between their line of computers, tablets, and phones by making a consistent UI, but Windows 8 relies heavily on touch screens which desktops simply don't have.

I would definitely agree to them.. I am using windows 7 now..It was great
Windows 8 is not designed for desktop PCs its designed for touch-screen stuffs..But of course,you can use windows 8 on your desktop PCs, but it may not be as convenient to use than the Windows 7 that we're use to.

Please dont mix "Windows 8" and "Windows 8 Phone" its frogs and grannies comparison.

Handheld devices and desktop PC dont have the same OS. Also PC and tablet platform can not be compared.

windows 8 is better .
Need less time for start and shutdown .
Power management is better ...
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Several newspapers said yesterday Windows 8 was a total fiasco, it has even brought down the whole PC industry as a whole, I think it was with 11% by one source and 14% by another source, everyone is looking for Tablets and Smartphones now, the articles said.

I prefer windows 7 over 8 because I feel it more user friendly on my laptop then windows 8

For now for existing PC users with older PC configurations, you can choose OS, but soon for new users and owners of newer PCs and laptops MS will make deal with hardware manufacturers as usual and Win 8 will be only options. I mean when you buy new laptop with preinstalled OS inside, also driver support,...

For my latest impressions about Win 8, I can say definitely better performance is on Win 8 side, compared with Win 7 on the same PC.

For tablet there is no doubt use Android. :grin:

I don't like my pc just on and off faster but I like overall performance so I prefer windows 7.

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