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widening the bandwidth of rectangular microstrip antenna

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Mar 6, 2008
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rectangular microstrip antenna

I am still design and simulate the simple rectangular microstrip antenna
I have got the resonance frequency about 2.4GHz, but with narrow bandwitdh ..
I try to incorporate the slot like U slot, L slot and also I slot but still haven't got wider bandwidth

- What are the best way on widening microstrip antenna bandwitdh? articles or books that I have to read?
- Or may be I have to change other type of microstrip antenna?

Can someone help me please?
Any suggestion is welcome!

hai u can get the solution in "Compact and broadband antenna" by kin-lu wong

Hi, it is a good idea to feed the patch with an aperture. The key thing to improve the bandwidth of a single microstrip patch is via mutual resonance technique in which u use additional resonators with the patch to improve the impedance bandwidth. How wide the impedance bandwidth r u expecting? Use of a non-resonant aperture to feed the patch will improve the BW up to about 5-7%. If u were expecting wider BW, then use a resonant aperture, but u suffer poor front-to-back ratio as the aperture will radiate the power backwards.

feed the patch with an aperture will cause heavy backward radiation.
the U-slot and E-shape microstrip antenna is wideband antenna. you can download some paper from IEEE.

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