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why eda tools are ported to redhat 6.x only ?

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May 17, 2001
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Why all these eda vendors port
their tools on readhat 6.x,
it's something wrong with ver 7.x,
or it's faster ?


redhat 7.2 and redhat 6.2 have different
*.so file.

thanks for reply,
Yes I know, but why a brand new first tool release on linux will choose 6.x
when 7.x was already available on the
release date ?,
Because all other tools are on 6.x ?


In the commercial world maybe, but RedHat and all other Linux distributions are always improving. I don't understand why it should be this way.

I have read some time ago that RedHat 6.2 is much more "stable" than 7.x. Perhaps it contains fewer projects in-development. So EDA vendors have chosen it as a "reference" platform. This does not mean in anyway that EDA software can not run in RedHat 7.x. At least I have tested some of them (S*nops*s, D#buss*, Tr@nsEDA) and found no problem.

I believe more and more new versions of EDA put the RH7.x as their test platform.

IMO Red Hat Linux is a widely used distro and is constantly improving, but even the 7.2 release with all the latest upgrades has got a ways to go to be a top of the line stable EDA platform. Its generic technical abilities though are quite spectacular.


I think the EDA company always stick on the stable realease,
not only on linux but also on the commercial Un*x.

On 2002-03-03 01:44, transistor wrote:
I think the EDA company always stick on the stable realease,
not only on linux but also on the commercial Un*x.

If vendors always port their softwares to the newest OS version. I don't like to take the risk of upgrading OS to new version when I already had some software run smoothly on the old version.

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