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why do u love electronics

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Yes its,means electronics my passion ,i started electronics works in early age about from 12 years old without any theory .
i have practical knowledge than the theory .
now i am going with embedded system
electronics loves only electronic people because by using it " we can built any thing in the world "

I began to study electronics 25 years ago. I hate electronics. I began to hate her when she became my job. Now I love cars and beer ))))))

I am in to electronics since my childhood. The miracles with electronics made me stick to it and venture in to. After all i love to accept challenges in this field, and my thirst for more and more knowledge make me mad for electronics. Thanks for the nice question.

I am breathing with electronics last 10yrs... when i was finished my first project in 2001-02 there is no more words to say anout that Happyness... From that i really addicted to that happyness... every project make me to take onestep ahed in the way of good man... So i love electronics.... Thanks vividvilla for this post....

I like them from my childhood. I because they all around me.

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I think. the subjects we love. will understand quicker and remember longer.
this is analogues to a beautiful women and her memories. oops off topic!

Do you think Life can be remaining without electronics? We need electronics for 24 hour :lol:

Electronics is the best innovative outcome of man since many centuries.. :)

Electronics (supported by Math) gives me the chance to bring into the real world what I had as ideas in my mind. So thanks to 'Electronics'...I am the father of too many children now :wink:

It was 6th grade. Bulb and Light Emitting Diodes attracted, me and my younger brother. We used to play with Bulb and Battery. We got the friendship of guy, having radio repair shop in our neighbourhood. He made the LED to blink for my brother's toy car. Blinking LEDs started curiosity in our mind. It started a fire. Later we got admitted together in BSc Physics. We learned basics of electronics, Bread boarded 555 timer in Astable mode. Hurray!,LED Blinked!!!. The fire still goes on our mind. My brother turned his way towards Masters in computer applications. I got interested in Embedded, LabVIEW, Ham Radio. I did MSc in Electronics and Instrumentation. Currently going to complete M. Tech RF and Microwave...
Still fire goes on... All because of this small wonder LED.
Thanks! Take care.

Even as a 5-6 year old, I wanted to know why light bulbs burn out, why batteries run down, why electricity shocks you, why series wound motors worked on ac but permanent magnet motors didn't. a few years later i wanted to know why transformers caught fire when connected to batteries, why my parents got angry when i tore apart batteries and left a mess. by 10 i thought i had exhausted every knowledge source around me. but that wasn't known to me at the time, and didn't strike me as that important/significant until much later.

If you are passionate about something then you will surely love it, whatever the field may be. Its my passion that's why I love it.

not only love will die for it. the happiness it creates when we finish a project can match it with a guy becoming father

I love electronics because it has a strong power to take human being to some different world.. years ago do you guessed mobile will come .>?
TV will come?
now \\ 3G ,HD what else to love electronics...?:grin:

because its looks big challenging to me...

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