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Who is the best RFIC simlator?

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Dec 5, 2002
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qpss flexible balance

ADS, MWO, LEDIT, Spectre RF or ohters :roll: ?

what is rfic

I think AD$ and $pectrRF is good choice.
Ledit is layout editor which cannot simulate circuit. and MWO may used for microwave circuits often.

spectrerf parameter tuning

@ds vs. mw0:

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spectrerf ads hspicerf better

I think ADS is the best choice!

Since I am too lazy to learn ADS I will stick to SpectreRF.

T Zul

what about specterRf and ELDORF

some people told me that ELDO RF is great, and here in electroda most people us cadence specterRf

i wan to know which is better and is ADS better than them ,

i am using ADS ad i think it id great and powerfull


How about HspiceRF? Does anyone have ever tried this simulator?

I think ADS is great!
and with the help of cadence ic you can design any kind of RFIC!

@DS is great. But, it does not have Linux version yet!

anglog office family?
i think ads is best

What about eldo? Is there anyone using it? It has a lot of function for RF analysis. Is there any company using it?


In my experiment , ADS and spectr-RF is the best choice ,
IF you work on LNA or Mixer , VCO that include inductor , that I think using ADS, others bolcks
like prescaler , VGA , AGC .. using spectre-RF

IF you want to F-domain ... ADS is better
time -domain ... Spectre-RF

But Eldo is being used at professional level? In some company?

Yes. But it is trying to do a catch up game with some big players in RF like ADS and Cadence.

T Zul

yes , ELDO_RF is good , but i think most the designers use ADS and cadence long ago

ADS is largely used but it's cpu consumer.
MWO is well fashoned, rapidly growing, but it contain lot of basic limitations.
Genesys by Eagleware is a good choice on the cheaper range.
Harmonica (by Ansoft) is the concurrent of ADS, very accurate.

yes ,i also say ads is so good!

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